Polar Bare powered by The Remarkables


Registration mandatory

Tickets $15+ BF

All attendees must agree to the NZSki Terms & Conditions.

People of Snow Machine, back by popular demand, we are stoked to announce the 2nd Annual POLAR BARE!

On the Thursday of Snow Machine we will be making our way up to The Remarkables to see how many people we can get skiing down the mountain in swimsuits at the same time! Can we beat last years record?! 

Get ready for the social event of the alpine calendar as we attempt to CRUSH the World Record for the most people down the mountain in swimwear! ??! ????- The Remarkables 11 am sharp on Thurs 7 Sept!

That's right, EURO TAN LINES on a glorious blue bird day ? Don your best boardies, bikinis or speedos as we slip & slide buns out down The Mighty Remarks! 

Up for the challenge? Registration is mandatory and costs only $15!

All attendees must agree to the NZSki Terms & Conditions.


What time do we have to get to The Remarkables

  • 10am arrival at our FIRST BASE Après stage up the top of The Remarkables for an 11am kick-off! Aim to arrive to The Remarks at 9:30am to be safe. It can take a while to get up there from town on the buses so be sure to plan ahead and give yourself loads of time. This is one thing you don't want to be late for!

How does it work logistically? Won't I get cold?

  • Fear not - it is only 1 small run down a gentle blue run from the First Base après stage at the Ice Bar to The Remarkables base building. On a bluebird day in September the conditions are ideal for a bit of swimsuit spring skiing. 
  • We recommend bringing a backpack for your ski jacket/pants. We will also be handing out Snow Machine bags for those who don't have backpacks. You are required to wear your ski gear up the lifts and change at the First Base après stage
  • You are required to ski down with your jacket/pants in your backpack or Snow Machine bag. 
  • The minimum you will be in your swim-wear is around 15 minutes, the maximum... is a fitness that's yet to be witnessed!

Is it a race?

  • No it most certainly is NOT a race. In fact, we are encouraging you to ski/board down as slowly as possible to make it more fun and to help avoid any injuries.
  • This will be a lot of fun and over before we know it, so savour it, slow down enjoy and interact with your fellow history makers!

Is it a party?

  • You bet it is. We will have artists warming you up at the First Base stage en-piste, as well as drinks/food available to get you ready for the event.
  • When you complete the run our après stage on the balcony of the base building will be pumping, so slide on in, grab a mulled wine and celebrate your incredible accomplishment! 

What if I fall?

  • It will happen to some of you. Mountain ski patrol will be shadowing us and helping anyone that gets a bit of ice burn on their bot-bots from falling over.
  • We recommend not to be silly to ensure you stay upright for the duration. Remember: Butts on bare snow leave bruises and burns! Take it easy!
  • All competitors must complete a health and safety waiver before competing. No signed waiver, no bare run.

What Do I Wear?

  • Whatever you feel the most comfortable and look the most fabulous in. Have some fun with it. There will be prizes for the best looks. 
  • Google spring swimsuit skiing for inspiration. Our only rule is: enjoy yourselves and be inclusive and kind to all.